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Why Beats?         

Why DLS Beats?

  1. Original music production
  2. Demo production
  3. Jingles
  4. Audio post-production
  5. TV and radio spot production                                                                          
  6. Film soundtrack
  7. Ringtones
  8. Background music for videos
  9. Theme and anthem songs
  10. Video game music
  1. High Quality Beats
  2. Most Genres Covered
  3. Modern Technology
  4. Secure Payments & No Hidden Fees
  5. Reserve Exclusive Beats
  6. 100% Repeat Buyer Record
  7. Total Customer Support (Consulting & Guidance)
  8. After Sales Service, i.e. Changing Structure, BPM & Adding/Removing Elements
  9. 100% Illegal Sample & Royality Free
  10. Special Discounts 

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Free Promo Track Out

Free Promo Beats

Free promo beats can be used to try out our beats, but are for listening and promotion only. You do not own the recording and beats are available in MP3 format only. You can upload them to sites such as YouTube but if you decide to release it on a mixtape or decide to sell the song you need to purchase a licence and then you will also have access to other file formats and a track out. Written Credit must be given to DLS: Produced by DLS. You can send any recordings made with the beats to our email address below for a review. 


When you are looking for a large amount of beats, especially on a regular basis because you are business, brand or YouTube channel owner we can arrange a custom package deal. Contact us now and let us know more about your project.


After purchase we can edit beats for an additional charge of $25.


A printed contract and invoice can be send via mail for an additional charge of $15.


Resending files is possible for a charge of $10.



Copyright Notice

All Beats Are Copyrighted Under Federal Law By DLS Beats.


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