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Why Using Beats? Why DLS Beats?
  1. Original music production
  2. Demo production
  3. Jingles
  4. Audio post-production
  5. TV and radio spot production                                                                          
  6. Film soundtrack
  7. Ringtones
  8. Background music for videos
  9. Theme and anthem songs
  10. Video game music
  1. High Quality Beats
  2. Most Genres Covered
  3. Modern Technology
  4. Secure Payments & No Hidden Fees
  5. Reserve Exclusive Beats
  6. 100% Repeat Buyer Record
  7. Total Customer Support (Consulting & Guidance)
  8. After Sales Service, i.e. Changing Structure, BPM & Adding/Removing Elements
  9. 100% Illegal Sample & Royality Free
  10. Special Discounts 

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