Lyrics: Sprogyniro - Shaun v Sprog

Verse 1:

(Shaun Vocal)

I be Shaun Paul Spowart,

quite guy with a five deep family,

number one poppa, marathon runner,

tell my wife a love her,

promise i'm not no corny mother fucka


(Sprog Vocal)

Shut the fuckup Shaun,

i'm not the one that does the walking of the dogs,

or the one that brews up and puts the kettle on,

i get brought out when the selfish cunt wants fun.


(Shaun Vocal)

Who asked you to appear?

I kerbed you its been two fucking years,

I put the pint pots down, dont you get the picture i'm dun with you clown, why try and ruin this now


(Sprog Vocal)

because i know i'm needed,

why the fuck you in bed fucking reading,

callin me a demon, i deserve better, more than just a temper,

i get that knob swallowed in a second



Shut the fuck up Sprog,

you shut the fuck up Shaun (x2)


aah aah i need you out my system

aah i cant be being misleaded

aah need you to be leaving,

fuck, fucking fucking inner demon


Shut the fuck up Shaun,

you shut the fuck up Sprog (x2)

wait wait

You need me to be here,

think we need to go for a beer,

noticed you act a little queer,

helps here cuz i'm always fucking here


Verse 2:


Left him in the past,

shit stirrer without a specfic purpose,

over does the booze, likes a tickle, likes a skirt, gets fucked and he's behaviours berserk



So your aiming that at me,

Ok i can be your red mist but without this your a bitch,

let me give u a tip never be diluted off a chick,

o forgot you already did


I'll do the jokes,

last time they didnt laugh at yours you at to sulk and cause uproar,

she's no chick she's a wife,

not many good one's about i searched and i found




leave that shit alone,

ditch her on a saturday,

i'll be waiting with a glass of Jack D, half a G, then we'l pick from the fanny tree and i'll sit back for a week


Chorus (as above)


Verse 3:


Had temptations in the past,

been a bad boy but got my conscience intact,

grew up cuz i shot a child out the sack,

gotta protect what i have so i think quicker than i would have,

if i dwell he comes back and throws doubts to the head,

mischevious with a purpose he gives me laughs but he's fast becoming worthless



I get the new life,

but i be here when you need a goodnight,

I'll be here when someones a prick and you need a fight,

I'm here when your getting no action,

I cant find all thee attractions,

you only live once and when something goes wrong,

I'm here to fall back on

and trust me i can pop up strong



Respect the offer but i can handle things,

dont need the darker me just need the maturity



ok but your getting called a geek on the street,

yeah you can rhyme but the raps take time,

and we dont have time, sell the raps, make songs for the ass and lets get some gash



Fuck that these raps take craft,

respect for the art,

i'm a blow you away with a fart