Lyrics: Tony As - Talk About It (Breathe)


I don't know of they're ready

But it's long overdue

I can't hear what they're saying

Cos this song is a tune

When the dj plays it

Just go head and raise the roof

Finally we made it

Yea this one is for you



Let's do this

All up in your face like a nuisance

I've been of the case

Making movements

Built from the ground up


Try and keep up

We're moving

Rolling with the punches


But ain't really nothing just


From a battle we were losing

But who gives a




Think about it

Talk about it

Gotta be about it

I came for something

And won't leave without it

Send this out

To everyone that doubted


Verse 1:


This is how it is

How it's gon be

Volume please

I can no longer be low key

I had a dream

But then my nightmare haunt me

Tried to breathe

And then I started choking

Fully loaded though

Waiting for a moment

About to offload

Pay attention focus

Click flash Camera action

They say Who's that? Tony As

Ok then

Enough said dude

Might aswell let em have it

Ain't got nothing to lose

Give them a banger

Let it raise that roof

Something for the summer

And the winter too

Cos soon ain't soon enough

I've been waiting

Long time coming

That's an understatement

One way to think of it

Is preparation

Same way I'm thinking

That it's all for the taking




Verse 2:

I ain't playing games

But game on

Dj please play this song

Do me a favour

Turn the volume up

And let the speakers

bump Diddy bump

Cos that's all I ever really wanted

I swear

Make it to a club

And hear my song real clear

Never thought that it would cost

Blood sweat tears

Money from my pocket

My account in arrears

But cheers

Here's to whatever

Like never say never

Keep going let's go get em

Gotta be better

Don't settle for sloppy seconds

In times of bad weather

Just remember your umbrella

Smile when you can

Cos it ain't all bad

Glass half full

just doing what I can

I work with what I got

And never envy that man

Wanted some bread

So I had to make a jam

Get it

Mic one two just checking

Break it down

So you can comprehend it

Faking clowns

It's my time

I'm big benning it

It's going down

I won't drown swimming in it